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The Carbyne Tools Influencer Network is comprised of top influencers in the tools and automotive industry. It’s our goal to provide our partners with the tools required to grow their business by promoting Carbyne Tools.


By joining the Carbyne Tools Influencer Network, you will be able to promote Carbyne Tools product line, exclusive offers and earn commission on sales.


Carbyne Tools currently partners with Dovetail for influencer tracking technology, reporting and payment processing. This technology offers partners in-depth information on influencer performance and areas of opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does being a Carbyne Tools Influencer cost me anything?

No. It’s completely free to sign up and full of benefits – you have the power to earn commission, the opportunity to receive products for free and more!

Can I promote other brands as a Carbyne Tools Influencer?

Yes! The more you use and showcase your Carbyne Tools favorites, the more you increase your earning potential, but we understand there are other brands you love, too.

Is there a requirement to how often I need to post about Carbyne Tools?

No. How often you post and how much you earn is in your power. If you regularly remind your followers about your Carbyne Tools favorites in videos, posts and photos with your unique tracking link and/or code, they are more likely to think of you when they shop.