Our Story

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Every idea starts with a problem.

Ours is obvious: high quality automotive tools are too expensive.

It turns out there is a simple explanation.

Most automotive specialty tools are sold through the four largest auto parts store chains.

They buy tools from manufacturers, mark them up 2 or 3 times what they paid, then sell them to you!   That’s a markup of 200-300%… well in excess of the average mall jewelry store’s markup on wedding rings!

These auto parts chains are so big they’re able to keep prices artificially high and rake in profits from do-it-yourselfers and technicians who have few other options.

We started Carbyne Tools as an alternative to overpriced auto repair tools.

By going around the auto parts retailers and using our in-house tool expertise to source top quality materials and designs, we’re able to provide high-quality long-lasting tools at a fraction of the going price.

Carbyne Tools was inspired by what promises to be the strongest material on earth: Carbyne. Forty times stronger than the diamond in that wedding ring, this mysterious form of carbon has long eluded attempts at reliable synthesis. Recently scientists have made strides towards mass production of this wonder material.

The promise of great strength and performance makes the Carbyne name a natural choice for our company founders.

Our small group of automotive professionals have banded together to fulfill demand for high quality automotive specialty tools built to withstand the rigors of daily use, at prices that don’t require two months salary.

We don’t make every tool in the toolbox.

We only offer tools we’re confident will exceed your performance expectations.  Each one is sourced from top quality producers and tested to ensure fit finish, durability and performance.

Every Carbyne tool meets or exceeds ANSI and/or ASME standards and is tested by independent lab facilities.  We only use top quality steel, aluminum, brass and rubber components , finished with durable anodized or powder coat finish.  Each one carries a limited lifetime warranty against defects

Oh, and we sell them at a fair price.